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A National Alliance 

mm&P (mines, minerals & PEOPLE) is a growing alliance of individuals, institutions and communities who are concerned and affected by mining. The isolated struggles of different groups have led us to form into broad a national alliance for combating the destructive nature of mining.

The mm&P Mining Charter
The mm&P mining Charter
mm&P Constitution

National Campaign Against the Fifth Schedule Amendment

This Fifth Schedule is under threat of being amended to effect transfer of tribal lands to non-tribals and corporate bodies.... more  

2014 - Children and their Rights in Mining Areas - A Community Resource Guide

GOI Report on Comprehensive Legislation for Minimum Conditions of Work and Social Security for Unorganised Workers, July, 2007

mm&P 5th General Assembly
27,28 February-March 1, 2015

At Baba Amte's Anandwan

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Press Releases
2nd November 2008, Visakhapatnam
30th December, 2005, Visakhapatnam
14th March 2005 in Orissa
16th December 2004 at Anandwan
Anandwan Declaration
Iroco Declaration
Visakhapatnam Declaration
General Assembly

The 1st General Assembly organised from 13-16 December, 2004 at Anandwan, Warora, Maharashtra with 250 delegates from 150 organisations representing 16 states and expressed solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the local communities  against the proposed mining in that area... more


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