Amarsingh Bhai Chaudhari

Amarsingh Chaudhari is an Ex-Member of Parliament from Gujarat. He is Advisor of mm&P from Gujarat. He has taken keen interest in pursuing the development needs of the vulnerable and marginalized communities in Gujarat. He is associated with Adivasi Ekta Parishad.

Ashok Bhai Chaudhari

Ashok Bhai Chaudhari is the founder of Adivasi Ekta Parishad. He has been working on the issues of adivasi people from past four decades. He is involved in rights based advocacy from fast 5 decades. he has also been actively involved in creating new leadership for vulnerable communities. He is also the founding member of Adivasi Samanvay Manch which is a National Alliance of individuals and groups working on tribal issues.

Bhupendra choudhariBhupendra Chaudhari

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K. Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar is an Advisor of mm&P from Andhra Pradesh. He specialises in organic farming and sustainable livelihoods. His work is based in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. He is part of Venella Rural Development Association, Andhra Pradesh.

Kaluram GodadeKaluram Godade

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Rahul BasuRahul Basu

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Ravi Mittal

Ravi Mittal is an Executive Committee Member of mm&P representing Uttarakhand. He has been working on various issues relating to illegal mining, health, education, Forest rights, Cleaning of rivers, livelihoods of marginalized communities.

Siya Dulari

Siya Dulari has been a key figure in the Dabhoura region of Rewa District, Madhya Pradesh working amongst dalits and adivasis on issues of natural resource rights, livelihood, nutrition and child rights. She began her journey as a social activist by teaching kids in the dalit and adivasi communities and empowering the women to form SHG’s. It was in 2007 that she along with her colleague Ram Naresh formed the ‘Rewanchal Dalit Adivasi Seva Samiti’. One of the landmark initiative that the Samiti has taken is the building of ‘Siya Colony’ which is three kms from the Dabhaura town. The idea behind such a settlement is that hundreds of families living in interiors of forest with no access to basic facilities such as health and education get a place to stay. The unoccupied government land can be used for the purpose of providing housing for such families. This has been taken up by Siya and she has been successful in granting such housing for the marginalised communities. The struggle is still on to provide electricity in the newly formed settlement. Siya has also been actively representing Madhya Pradesh in the mm&P programs.

T.S. Subramaniam

T.S. Subramaniam is a freelance journalist from Tamil Nadu. He is National Council Member of PUCL, Tamil Nadu. He has been working on many developmental issues in Tamil Nadu. He has relentlessly been working against the illegal sand and granite mining in Tamil Nadu. He is also Advisor of mm&P.

B T Venkatesh

Mr. B.T. Venkatesh is the founder of Reachlaw. He enrolled as an Advocate in the year 1986. He has a significant passion for pro bono work and has advanced the cause of vulnerable populations such as sexual minorities, indigenous tribes, women and children against human rights abuses and violations. He also served as the State Public Prosecutor from October, 2013 till June, 2015, during which time he represented the State in numerous high profile criminal cases.