100 करोड़ खर्च पर नही बदली एक भी गांव की तस्वीर, अब कहां खर्च किया डीएमएफ का पैसा

Aap ki Aawaz | Chhattisgarh | June 07, 2019

रायगढ़। जिला खनिज न्यास (डीएमएफ) का मसौदा जिन मजलूमों को केंद्र में रखकर तैयार किया गया था, वह लक्षित वर्ग आज भी न्यास में आई करोड़ों की राशि के लाभ से वंचित है। बेहतर बदलाव की बयार बहाने ढेर सारे कोरे वादे किए गए। उन वादों की आड़ में एक के बाद एक गैर जरूरी कार्यों पर 100 करोड़ खर्च कर दिए गए, पर बदहाली की मार झेलने मजबूर प्रभावित क्षेत्र की तस्वीर और वहां के लोगों की तकदीर बदलने की दिशा में एक तिनका भी नहीं संवारा गया। सरकार बदली तो अब जाकर डीएमएफ से कार्य करने का तरीका भी बदल गया है। Read more

Water crisis to continue as projects see no end in Odisha’s Sundargarh

The New Indian Express | June 4, 2019

The Public Health Engineer Organisation supplies only 5.4 MLD of water against the requirement of 6.5 MLD.

Sundargarh: A sizeable population of Sundargarh town continues to face drinking acute water scarcity in the absence of piped water supply. Wards 11, 13, 16, 17 and a few others under Sundargarh Municipality are the worst-hit. As of now, the Public Health Engineer Organisation (PHEO) is supplying 5.4 MLD (million litres per day) against the requirement of 6.5 MLD for a population of about 50,000. Wards 11 and 13 are deprived of piped water supply, while 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19 are partially covered. Read more

10 interventions that government must make to protect forest rights

Down To Earth | Geetanjoy Saho | May 31, 2019

BJP-led NDA has won 38 out of 48 reserved seats for Scheduled Tribes across the country, of which a majority is from forest rich areas

Promises made, election won and now the time is to deliver. Of all the promises made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in its manifesto, the most vocal was to protect the rights of forest dwellers as guaranteed under the Scheduled Tribe and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006.

Delivering this promise has become even more significant as the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party has won 38 out of 48 reserved seats for Scheduled Tribes across the country, of which a majority is from forest rich areas. Read more

DMF ex-governing council member under scanner for fund misuse in Korba

Down To Earth | Chinmayi Shalya, Prashanth S Chinnappanavar | May 29, 2019

Development raises questions about accountability of DMF operations, leaving out mining-affected people

An inquiry report sought by the Chhattisgarh tribal welfare department on works undertaken through the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) in Korba has revealed massive irregularities with work sanctions.

These include duplication in projects sanctioned, over-budgeting, tenders awarded for works without any technical review, and even transfer of land for projects without required documentation. All these have happened largely in 2016-2017. Read more

30 Years, 100plus Legal Battles: Meet The Couple Standing Against Ecological Damage in Goa

The Better India | Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk | May 22, 2019

Apart from fighting corrupt politicians and the mining mafia, Norma and Claude Alvares are also responsible for the Supreme Court’s order against illegal mining in the State.

Without the efforts of Padma Shri awardee Norma Alvares, an environmental lawyer and her husband Claude, Goa would have most likely failed to retain its natural charm and a significant chunk of its ecological heritage.

For more than three decades, the couple has fought hundreds of legal battles in the High Court (HC) and the Supreme Court (SC) on a variety of issues ranging from protection of coastal ecology and forests, mining devastation, and unplanned urbanisation among others, while simultaneously campaigning extensively on these issues with their non-profit NGO, the Goa Foundation.

Read more

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