Mining in Meghalaya

The Sentinel | July 05, 2019

Mining is a big issue in Meghalaya, given the illegality involved in it by way of vested interests operating what are infamously known as ‘rat-hole mines’ entailing huge risks to the lives of poor, innocent labourers employed in them. Last year’s tragedy in the Jaintia Hills is etched well in public memory. It was a complete failure of the authorities concerned to retrieve the lost lives even after a huge deployment of technology – which fell short, though – to carry out rescue operations. Now we have a huge verdict – hailed as “landmark and historic” by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma – coming in from the Supreme Court that has lifted the ban imposed on mining in the State by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Read more

Gujarat agate workers use potentially low preventive practices to ‘evade’ deadly silicosis | Rajiv Shah | July 04, 2019

A decade ago the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) may have come up with a Global Programme for the Elimination of Silicosis by 2030. However, a new research paper co-authored by Canada-based scholars in association with senior Gujarat activist Jagdish Patel of the People’s Training and Research Centre (PTRC), Vadodara, suggests that the goal may not be easy to achieve, given the refusal of agate workers to believe in the efficacy of preventing the deadly disease. Read more

Rajasthan govt to introduce bill to protect depositors

The issue of financial scams, including cheating by chit-fund companies, was raised by civil society members during a pre-Budget meeting with Gehlot

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s government is set to introduce a bill to protect depositors and to put a check on cheating by chit-fund companies, an official statement read. Read more

Singhbhum: Malnutrition and rising unemployment a major challenge for first woman MP

The Avenue Mail | Jamshedpur | May 26, 2019

With malnutrition deaths at West Singhbhum making national headlines, newly elected Singhbhum parliamentary constituency’s first woman MP GeetaKoda has promised to focus on the issue of child deaths. Geeta said that she is aware of the prevailing situation in her constituency and she will work hard to meet the challenge.

Koda has won the seat with 72,155 vote margin from her nearest rival Bharatiya Janata Party’s State president and sitting MP LaxmanGilua. Geeta got 4,31,815 votes while Gilua, got 3,59,660 votes. With this, the constituency got its first woman MP while Congress got its first elected representative after 2004. Read more

Kids suffer most in one of Earth’s most polluted cities

National Geographic || BETH GARDINER || March 26, 2019

In winter, coal stoves and power plants choke Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, with smoke—and lung disease.

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIACoal is everywhere in Mongolia’s frigid capital. It sits beneath the towering smokestacks of power plants in piles as big as football fields. Drivers haul it through town in the open beds of pickup trucks. Vendors stack yellow bags of the stuff along roadsides, and jagged pieces spill from metal buckets in the round felt yurts where the poorest families burn it to keep out the bitter cold. Read more

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