Roadmap for reconsideration of rejected claims under FRA sought

The Hindu | Visakhapatnam | June 18, 2019

‘74,364 pleas on individual rights over 1.38 lakh acres rejected in State’

A roundtable organised by Girijana Sangham affiliated to Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch on Monday demanded that a roadmap for reconsidering the rejected claims under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) be announced by the government and no girijan be displaced.

Participating in the programme, former bureaucrat E.A.S. Sarma said the schedule should be announced and the rejected applications should be undertaken by grama sabhas again. Read more

Do we allow Adivasis to survive?

The Hans India | Madabhushi Sridhar | June 18, 2019

Article 21 of our Constitution says every person, (including forest dwelling Adivasis), has a guaranteed right to life and if this right is breached, he has a right to constitutional remedy under Article 32 to approach the Supreme Court or any High Court under Article 226.

Most of the tribals do not know their rights and protection process and it is almost impossible for them to travel up to capital cities to seek remedy for deprivation. Read more

‘Will fight against mining all my life’, says Araku’s first-time MP

Hindustan Times | TR Vivek | June 17, 2019

Almost all of Andhra’s estimated 600-million-tonne bauxite reserves — about a fifth of India’s – are concentrated in the Eastern Ghats. Governments and businesses have been eyeing them for the past two decades.

On the electoral map of Andhra Pradesh, Araku sticks out like a sore, neglected thumb. A reserved parliamentary constituency for Scheduled Tribes (ST), Araku can be unwieldy for its representatives. It comprises assembly segments from four districts — Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari. The farthest ends from the north to south are about 400km apart, mostly covered with the dense forests of the Eastern Ghats. With a predominantly tribal population, this is among the most underdeveloped regions, not just in the state, but in all of India. With its remoteness, ethnic diversity, and multiplicity of tribal languages, the political rhythm of Araku can be quite distinct from the mainstream. Read more

बैलाडीला अडानी खनन का मामला : मेरा कातिल ही मेरा मुंसिफ है, क्या मेरे हक में वो फैसला देगा ?

Sangharsh Samvad | June 12, 2019

छत्तीसगढ़ के बस्तर क्षेत्र स्थित बैलाडीला की एक पहाड़ी को बचाने के लिए तकरीबन 20 हज़ार आदिवासी पिछले पांच दिनों से प्रदर्शन कर रह हैं। सरकार ने अडानी को यह पहाड़ी खनन करने के लिए दे दिया है। आंदोलन के चौथे दिन छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार ने बस्तर के सांसद दीपक बैज और पूर्व केंद्रीय मंत्री अरविंद नेताम के नेतृत्व में आए प्रतिनिधिमंडल से मुलाकात के बाद अवैध वन कटाई और फर्जी ग्राम सभा की जांच कराने का आदेश दिया। इस जाँच आदेश के अनुसार वन कटाई की जांच वन विभाग को ही दी गई है, जिसने पेड़ो की कटाई की थी वही अब जाँच करके छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार को बताएगा ? पढ़िए छत्तीसगढ़ सरकार के आदेश पर आलोक शुक्ला की टिप्पणी और देखिए स्थानीय आंदोलनकारी इस आदेश पर क्या बोले ; Read more

In MP’s Panna district, villagers launch initiative to restore local water bodies as successive droughts give rise to malnutrition, migration

Editor’s Note: This summer has taken a toll on large parts of north, north-west and north-central India. As the country witnesses extremely high temperatures ever, here is a look at the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The region has been hit by another drought, and several villages don’t even have basic drinking water. This is the first in a seven-part series, which explores the situation in Banda, Panna, Damoh, Mahoba and Chitrakoot.

Panna: The Bundelkhand region has been baking at 45-plus degrees Celsius for the last two weeks. This extreme heat resulting to high rate of evaporation has dried up local water sources. What’s worse is this is now more or less a seasonal problem that villagers in the region have to deal with, so much so that water crisis is the new normal in Bundelkhand. Read more

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