‘Progressive’ Maharashtra governor must step in to save tribal land, rights

Down To Earth | Geetanjoy Sahu | April 29, 2019

Communities expect Ch Vidyasagar Rao to stop massive diversion of their lands to sundry government projects

The Fifth Schedule of the Constitution gives the governor of states with Fifth Schedule areas the power to issue notifications and regulations to ensure good governance. By the power of issuing notifications under Clause 5(1) of the Fifth Schedule, the governor can ensure that legislation applies, or does not apply, or applies with certain modifications. Courts have consistently ruled that this function of the governor is a function of discretion and great latitude. Read more

The rediscovery of wild food plants

Down To Earth | Harisha R P, Siddappa Setty R, Ravikanth G, Veena Srinivasan | April 26, 2019

While India is slowly rediscovering such plants, the forests must be co-managed by tribal communities in order to preserve them for posterity

The use of plants in the human diet is of great antiquity. Wild food plants (WFPs), which are neither cultivated nor domesticated, constitute a special category. They grow wild in forests as well as in farmlands and are harvested by local people as sources of food. Read more

A tradition that helps tribal women survive

The Hindu | Appala Naidu Tippana | April 24, 2019

Tambura-playing Erukulas sought after in rural areas for wedding predictions

Fortune-telling continues to ensure a decent livelihood for the women folk belonging to Erukula tribe in Krishna district. A majority of their counterparts in northern Andhra Pradesh are folk singers.

Carrying tambura – a musical instrument made of bamboo and dry pumpkin – in their hands, the fortune-tellers in Krishna district accept only rice and a fixed price of ₹30-50 to predict the future of clients at their doorstep. Read more

Tribal sub plans fail under Modi regime; Adivasis deprived of benefits in last five years

National Herald | Krishna Jha/IPA | April 16, 2019

Among the objectives of the Tribal Sub Plan has been to look after the basic needs of the tribals. The records show that the money was spent, but never to serve the needs of the targeted masses

Each of government plan has its own tragic story. One burning example is Tribal Sub Plan (TSP). Brain child of Planning Commission, it became Scheduled Tribe Component as the Planning Commission became NITI Ayog.  Read more

Govt Money Meant for Adivasi Development Is Being Used to Support Mining

The Wire | Sanjoy Basu, Neeraj Kumar and Shashi Shekhar | April 16, 2019

The tribal sub-plan fund is being siphoned off in ways that may prove highly dangerous for Adivasi communities.

The tribal sub-plan is a strategy recommended by the Planning Commission and opted by the government of India. It is a fund meant for tribal areas and communities affected by mining.

All ministries are required to contribute a specific part of their budget to the tribal sub-plan. During the last few years, the fund has received hundreds of crores of rupees. But where was the money spent? Read more

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