A new port in Kerala sparks fears of sea erosion in coastal villages

The destruction of homes during the monsoon has left residents anxious. But experts say it is too early to blame the erosion on port construction.

When ferocious waves crash over the sea walls and hit the foundation of her home in Valiyathura, a fishing village in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district, Alphonsa begins to say prayers, holding the Bible.

The 60-year-old woman has had sleepless nights for the last three months ever since the sea became rough after the monsoon gathered momentum in the second week of June. The fate of her tiny brick house worries her most. When it was built 10 years ago, it stood more than 500 metres away from the shoreline. But the erosion of the beach has reduced the distance to a mere two metres now. Even the sea wall – a defence structure made of boulders – can no longer protect the house from the sea water that comes flooding in.

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Women in Mining launched

With the increasing number of woman in mining more attention needs to be paid to either safety, wellness and general working conditions.

At the moment regulations are inadequate for their safety and well-being.

Women in Mining is not just employment but an important transformation agenda to reverse the historical exclusion of women in the mining industry. The Mining Charter and the Employment Equity are some of the progressive transformation legislation post 1994.

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Why over 10 million children in indian are working as labour despite Progressive laws

The problem of child labour has been a perennial one – and it has denied these very children the ‘kingdom of heaven’. Child labour isn’t anything new – and it has denied them the basic rights of childhood including the rights to play, education and leisure. Instead, they are bundled to work in dangerous work environments where they don’t think of these inalienable rights.

As per a study in 2012-2013, India had an estimated 32 million persons in the age group of 14-18 years, who are engaged in labour. A majority of them work in rural areas – and nearly 75% of children are employed in agriculture, as cultivators or in household industries.

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Six-year-old petitions NGT against poultry farm near school

A six-year-old kindergarten student in Uttar Pradesh has petitioned the National Green Tribunal (NGT) against a poultry farm near his school, seeking its closure on the grounds that foul smell from the unit is causing breathing problems among children in the area.

Arjun Malik, from Shaamli, in his petition against Highteck Layer Farm and the state of Uttar Pradesh, stated that despite several notices by the state Pollution Control Board and protests by the locals, the poultry farm had continued operation.

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Green protest against Wakkerstroom mine

Environmentalists yesterday staged a protest outside the High Court in Pretoria in support of an application to stop coal mining activities inside the Mabola Protected Environment, near Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga.

Eight civil society and community organisations, represented by the Centre for Environmental Rights, brought an urgent application to stop Indian-owned mining company Atha-Africa Ventures from commencing with any mining and related activities without environmental authorisation and local planning approval.

The application was postponed until today for a possible settlement agreement.

The coalition consists of groundWork, the Mining and Environmental Justice Community Network of SA, Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, Birdlife SA, the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Federation for a Sustainable Environment, Association for Water and Rural Development and the Bench Marks Foundation.

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