‘Probe Goa Foundation, its sources of income’

The Times of India | Feb 16, 2020

Ponda: The Goa Mining People’s Front (GMPF) has demanded that the state government initiate an inquiry into the members of Goa Foundation as well as its sources of income. The mining dependants’ front has blamed the legal suit filed by the NGO for the delay in resumption of mining activities in the state. Further, it has alleged that the NGO is delaying mining resumption simply because of greed.

Speaking at the press conference, GMPF’s Balaji Gawas said that members of Goa Foundation file suits in the apex court and travel by air to New Delhi and hence, chief minister Pramod Sawant should investigate their sources of income.

“There are several other sensitive issues in the state such as the Mhadei river water dispute, but Goa Foundation is only challenging mining-related issues”, Gawas said. Hailing the state government for its various initiative to get mining activities resumed, he said that just as this seemed likely, the NGO had created hurdles. If the NGO hadn’t filed the intervention petition, the mining resumption order could have been declared on February 10, Gawas said.

GMPF president Puti Gaonkar meanwhile demanded that before operations restart, the government must first ensure that mining companies reinstate staff who were let go after March 16, 2018 as well as absorb trucks and machinery that were stopped after closure of mining.